January 23′ Market Report

Santa Clara County Market Update for January 2023!
🖋️ BUYERS ARE OUT IN FORCE! Inventory remains very low, while steadily decreasing interest rates continue to drive strong buyer activity. Especially below the $2M price point. The rain didn’t stop buyers from going to the open houses! Typically market activity starts heating up the weekend after the Super Bowl. But things are picking up earlier than usual this year. Think in terms of these three letters: L-C-P. That stands for Location, Condition, Price. If a home is in a great location, is in excellent condition, and is priced well, odds are good that they’ll receive multiple offers on those properties. The homes that are sitting longer on the market are those that aren’t in great condition and are priced too high.
🔑 Sellers: If your home needs some remodeling work done to it and you don’t want to spend any money out of pocket, I am THE AGENT to help! Leveraging our KW Ready to Sell Program (also known as Keller Concierge), we can have a full remodel done to the home and the Seller can pay for it from the proceeds of the sale at close of escrow. This will help increase the value and appeal of your home to make it stand out on the market. It will sell faster and for more money. And we’ll make the process smooth and easy for you. By the way, make sure to talk to your CPA about seller costs that can be written off! My previous clients were THRILLED about this!!
🗓️ Buyers: Step 1: Meet at my office for a buyer consultation. Step 2: Get your loan pre-approval done. Step 3: Go house hunting! I’ll take the time to fully understand your wants, needs, and goals. Then, I will align with you to help you reach those goals! Let’s go get you that dream home!
🫵🏼 If you or someone you know is ready to make that move this year – whether someone needs real estate advice, or is looking to buy or sell, no matter how big or small, near or far — we’re here to help. A strategic plan with a GREAT team behind you every step of the way is key in this market.
January 2023 Monthly Market Report